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What You Need To Know About Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair: Whenever we see a crack in the surface of our concrete, we always assume that the concrete is damaged and that it needs fixing by removal or replacement. This kind of thinking makes you consider getting your concrete replaced instead of getting them fixed.

First off, what you need is to gauge the damage on the concrete. Even deeper cracks won’t necessarily mean replacement for the whole concrete slab. You need to understand that cracks in concrete are results of a multitude of conditions in the soil substrate.

There are several reasons why cracks keep appearing on the concrete like soft soil substrate, mix design, moist soil, type of surface, improper foundation and many more. If you’re not an expert on this field, you will not diagnose the problem properly and this can lead you to just replace the whole thing. In most cases, it is actually recommended that you seek professional diagnosis from a professional concrete repair company.

Before we discuss the best ways to remedy a concrete crack, we have to introduce the types of cracks first. There are many types of cracks in the concrete and each one have different fixes so you better understand which one is on your concrete.

Shrinkage Crack

The first type of crack is called a shrinkage crack. It is a crack that’s only seen on the upper part of the concrete. This type of crack does not actually penetrate the foundation surface of the concrete. Cracks like this are not considered a major defect but rather a normal occurrence.

Usually, shrinkage cracks don’t require immediate fix but if you want to get extra fortification for your concrete, that is fine as well. I recommend the anti-fracture membrane to be installed as a safety precaution.

Structural Crack

The second type of crack in concrete is called structural crack. It is a deeper kind of crack compared to shrinkage crack and will require a quick fix because it can affect the integrity of the concrete. The cause of these cracks can be anywhere from poor concrete quality to shifting soil.

To usual fix for this kind of crack is to inject structural epoxy within the cracks. Some structural cracks can go as deep as the soil which can be problematic. Structural epoxy injection effectiveness will vary depending on the degree of crack on the concrete.

Deep Structural Crack

This can also be referred to as an off-set structural crack. It is a crack that exhibits a raised area on either side of the crack itself. This crack moves up and down so the only solution is to thoroughly repair the defective areas.

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