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Plan Now Or You’ll Fail to See the Stars

One of things I love most about the holidays is the blockbuster movies that premier, the concerts that come to town and the other shows, ballets and special appearances by stars and celebrities. It signals the end of a long year during which I try to line up as many outings as I can. I found I can best do this by using the services of Ticketmaster. They have the goods on the special appearances and hot new shows before other outlets, and I can always count on them to be among the first to have tickets. I’ve used them for years, and now that they have a website, it’s even easier to plan my travel, and events at home by using their easy to navigate site.
Now that I can add money saving Groupons to the mix, I love it even more. I’ve been a Groupon shopper for years. I’ve tried new restaurants and clubs by using Groupons to save lots of money. Even back in the days when I had to print out my coupons, I found the site easy to use, the deals easy to redeem, and I always felt welcome in the establishments. Having Ticketmaster and Groupon team up to bring exciting entertainment at the working man’s price is like a marriage of two old friends.
Remember that old song that asks, “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?” Now, I know well in advance what I’ll be doing, and for months after that. I’ll be scoping out my favorite singers, musicians and seeing new shows and old favorites when they are in my neck of the woods, or when I’m out of town and want something fun to go to. I love those 2 for 1 deals and 4-Paks you can get using Groupon codes. I’ll be able to invite friends and relatives as they come up, or double date with someone special.
They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So I’m planning on seeing by favorite shows and acts with Ticketmaster as my guide, and I’ll save lots of time and energy – and money with Groupon.