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Choosing the best General Contractors

Here are lookouts for when selecting the best of general contractors for your next home renovations project. The contractor market is filled with numerous companies all claiming to do the same thing, while many promises very few deliver on quality, value, and service.

This write-up will go into detail about the things to lookouts for when selecting a professional to renovate your home.


This is critical for finding the best organisation or person for the job because the longer they have been in business, the more likely they are doing something right. Experienced contracting companies have unyielding networks that ensure the electrician, plumber, renovator, etc. are professionals who do a great job. Make sure to ask the general contractor for your next home improvement project how many years they have been in business.


Volume dictates whether or not the contractor can handle your home renovations project. It is important to ask how many current projects they currently have because too many would mean they are spread thin, and you will most likely receive poor service, poor/average quality service, and a large chance you might be ignored. The opposite is also bad because it could mean that they are not good at managing their projects.


The old analogy goes jack of all trades so master of none if the contractor says they can do everything and anything then be weary.

  • Find professionals specialisedin key areas that are relevant to your home renovations project.
  • Finding a general contractor that goes from custom lumber work to foundation work to high-rise construction might make you feel a little uncomfortable for your kitchen renovations.

Look for someone focused on your particular project or industry.

Expertise vs. Salesman approach

This is perhaps the most important and overlooked quality to look for when selecting a general contractor. An experienced individual or company tends to be an expert in the field they choose therefore will provide you with an abundance of knowledge and recommendations for your home project. If your contractor agrees to everything, you say and says SURE they can do it without a flinch then be afraid. We have personally witnessed hundreds of cases where homeownershave duped the contractor into believing their projects are achievable only to have the contractor quit half-way through because they realised it could notbe done.

An expert professional is not afraid to tell you it cannot be done and is also not afraid to tell you what you should be doing. They should be an expert first and a salesman seconddoes not be duped by a general contractor only looking to close your project regardless of whether or not it is feasible.

Honesty & Integrity

Your home renovation is necessary; you will have strangers going in and out of your home. Hiring an honest person ensures that you feel safe and secure throughout the whole project. Also,an honest general contractor will be transparent with you through the entire project and will offer you with feedback and references as they go along based on what is right for you rather than what is good for the pocket.

Most importantly is having a good handyman that is not out to maximise their profits on your project. The nature of the business is finding the cheapest labourer while charging the customer the highest price.

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