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Do I Need Replacement Or Repair For My Concrete Structure?

Fixing your concrete foundation before any structural damage is a great way to maintain the safety of you and your family. You don’t have to wait for a major crack or damage to develop before you consider repairing your concrete driveway or foundation. At the first sign of structural damage, you need to gauge the actual damage and plan your course of action.concrete5

Most people opt for repairing their concrete because it is the cheaper way. It costs less than replacing an entire slab of concrete especially when you there is only minimal damage on the floor. When there is big structural damage however, it is better to replace the entire concrete foundation. Doing so will ensure safety and further damage for your entire concrete foundation. Whatever the damage is to your concrete structure, it is better to fix it sooner than later.

I’ve given you only a summary of what to do when you see damage on your concrete. Just keep in mind that no matter what you do, concrete in any form has tendency to crack so you can either repair or replace based on the damage. I will give you a rundown of things to do when you see damage on your concrete driveway, foundation, road, etc.

In many cases, repairing concrete is the cheaper choice.

Not only is repairing concrete cheaper but it also makes more sense. There are many kinds of concrete damage that only affects the exterior parts. These kinds of damages do not reflect the real strength of the concrete. Some examples of these are external chipping and minor cracks. To know the extent of the damage, take a closer look at the cracks to check whether they go deep. If the cracks don’t go deep, they are only considered minor and won’t require concrete replacement. If you need checking, consider this – http://www.skerleccontracting.com/welcome-to-more-than-a-handy-man-service/

The only time you need a concrete replacement is when there is a structural crack present.

Structural cracks would mean replacement for your concrete foundation. This is especially true of you have several offset cracks. This can set off a big structural shift of the entire concrete structure causing it to fall mightily and without warning. The main cause of structural damage is if the original pour was too shallow or if the ground below was too soft. Repairs will not actually fix these issues but can even hide more serious issues.

There are two choices when you choose replacement of your concrete – spot removal or new pour. To know which one is best for your situation, you need an experienced contractor to check for the damage. Aesthetically speaking, some spot removal fix will never look the same as the original pour. A removal and new pour on the other hand, will look uniform throughout but will cost a lot more compared to the alternatives.

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