Welcome To More Than A Handy Man Service

Handy Man Service
More Than A Handy Man Service, of Pensacola, FL, provides world-class HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work to all citizens, regardless of financial standing. Our low prices are that way for a reason—we believe that everyone deserves our expert services. When you hire us for HVAC work, you will...
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Plumbing – More Than A Handy Man

For an expert plumber to complete great plumbing repair in Pensacola, FL, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call More Than A Handy Man Service. Plumbing work is often carried out by professionals so focused on the task, that they forget to interact...
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More Than A Handy Man Service offers HVAC

New Home Construction Framed with Wood Studs
Whether its HVAC repair or HVAC maintenance, More Than A Handy Man Service has been providing quality HVAC services for over 30 years, and that is experience that speaks for itself. Whether you are living through the dog days of summer without air conditioning, or suffering through a...
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More Than A Handy Man Service Electrical Work

Handy Man Service Electrical Work
No one does electrical repair in Pensacola, FL quite like More Than A Handy Man Service. We will provide an electrician who is a master of his or her craft as well as an accommodating professional prepared to answer any and all of your questions. Electrical problems can...
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How to Hire a Handyman: Tips and Tricks

general contractor
Looking to hire a general contractor or handyman? We have the tips you need. Look in all the right places. The right places will be places you can get a sense of their service from. The best place to start is among your own social circle, of course....
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Hire a Handyman and Get the Best Results

Hire a Handyman
Handymen and general contractors can be a bit of a chore to hire. People have had enough bad experiences with unethical service providers that they don’t want the hassle. However, there’s a ton of positive experiences for every negative one. You just don’t get to hear about them!...
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Guidelines For Deciding on a General Contractor

general contractors
Getting the right general contractor for your needs is a critical part of any maintenance or home improvement schedule, whether you are working on your own property or on commercial property. A great handyman brings peace of mind, respects your building and has the skills you need. Hiring...
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